Baluster post – For years, the architecture continues to evolve, we see houses of different forms see the day. The architecture works not only to modernize the style of the houses, but also to make them more practical. Many bases have been kept in architecture. In order to be able to invent something new, one must draw inspiration from the old. In our article, we will rather be interested in balustrades. These last, exist since years even centuries.

By glancing at the ancient constructions of kings for example, we notice that the balustrades already existed, they are not a fashion of our time. A balustrade consists of a set of balusters, the latter are placed in an orderly manner to form a row. The shape of the balusters varies, everyone can fall the shape he wants. The shape also varies depending on the use.

12 Photos Gallery of: Baluster Post In Different Materials

Image of: Wooden Baluster Post

Image of: Wood Baluster Post

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They are also made of different materials. Wooden balustrade: These are generally used inside the house, they are used for the staircase from the inside. The quality of the wood from which they are made varies, so those made with the best wood are the most expensive. Those made from low quality wood are cheaper, but they are also less resistive.